Monthly Rentals

Monthly Rentals

There are 11 affordable work spaces in the Cowan Training Center, of varying sizes and configurations. All utilities are included.

We offer these rooms as space for area artists, musicians, other creative folks, small non-profit organizations and community clubs. As a general rule, no commercial activity or residential use is permitted in the work spaces. That means you can’t use these rooms as a store front or retail space, or to live in.

The following spaces are currently available:

Room 11 – Rented 3/9/2018

Slightly larger than Room 12, this room would be excellent for most artists and craftspeople, musicians, writers, or small community organizations or clubs. Room 11 is approximately 80 sq. ft, and has hardwood floors.

Room 12 – $23 per month

Our smallest room, suitable for a small office, an art or craft space for small works, a singer/songwriter’s practice room, or a computer work space for digital media editing, web design/development, or programming. Room 12 is approximately 60 sq. ft.

Room 14 – Rented 3/1/2018

One of our larger rooms, this room features a carpeted floor and has excellent light. Suitable for just about any kind of work space. Room 14 is approximately 200 sq. ft.

Photos coming soon.