Melissa Long Krosnick

Mixed Media and Performance Artist

Pregraduate studies in Art, Wesleyan College
Associates Degree with focus in Art, Florida College
Bachelors of Fine Art, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 2005

Born and raised in Sewanee, Tennessee, Ms. Krosnick returned to Middle Tennessee after completing her degree in Fine Art at UTC, following up her Associates at Florida College, with pregraduate art studies at Wesleyan College. Since then, her work has been featured at the Orr-O’Keefe Museum, the 12 x 12: A National Juried Exhibition of Small Works at MTSU’s Todd Gallery, Chattanooga’s AVA gallery, the Franklin County Library, the Franklin County Arts Guild Artisan Depot, and the Winchester Wriggle.

Recent Work

HOUSE SHRINE, mixed media – at the FCAG Artisan Depot August 16 – October 14, 2018, located at 204 Cumberland Street East in Cowan, Tennessee.

Others’ comments on HOUSE SHRINE:

“There is unity in diversity.”

“It looks like all colors are holding hands in unity.”

PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, mixed media – a PopUp art exhibit available for viewing at the Frame Shop in Sewanee during the month of September. Artist reception Friday, September 7, 2018.

Artist’s Statement

HOUSE SHRINE, part of the FCAG Artisan Depot exhibition Craft: Made by Hand, Aug. 16 – Oct. 14, 2018.

The HOUSE SHRINE that I have assembled is made from the work of several artists and craft persons. While browsing through sculptor Sherri Warner Hunter’s studio sale, I was arrested by the house-shaped fabric woven through a wire support base that had been a group project Hunter spearheaded. As I mused, gazing at the work of many hands before me, I looked up and saw Jeff Hands’ fabric sculpted arms ending with a hand hanging on the wall; and I realized they belonged with the house-shaped object. I selected six and placed them along the sides of what was to become HOUSE SHRINE. Mary Sue Kern’s cross became the next element I purchased at Hunter’s sale, to be united with the shrine. Her powerful piece, placed at the apex of the shrine, became a focal point with its own inherent message. All these initial elements for SHRINE were brought home and attached together. I began to flesh out my contribution to the piece, beyond the envisioned joining of the elements together, with the kitchy encrusted breast mid-section that brings another artist’s voice into House Shrine. The final resolution of Shrine came with the addition of a piece of driftwood from my collection on which Jeff Hand’s hands lie joined together in peaceful, meditative repose. The viewer is asked to contemplate the meaning of the individual artist’s contribution to House Shrine as well as its contextualization into a corporal whole. A shrine is a sacred site set aside for a specific purpose that is made from a collection of awe-inspiring, venerated objects. The handcrafted artistic vision of these artists’ components incorporated into House Shrine honor the home and the many hands that built this sculpture, and those that are keepers of human habitations.

In her own Words

WATERING HOLE, an example of Mail Art

I use photography in my art overture. Mail Art is a passion for me where distribution of artwork circumvents the normal distribution of artwork through the gallery and museum system. “Like messages in a bottle cast into the postal sea,” I once wrote regarding Mail Art. I alter photographs, which I color by hand and here in WATERING HOLE I added a commercial stamp image of a zebra. The juxtaposing in time and place roof imagery is a Surrealistic endeavor which is playful and thought provoking.

I’ve done numerous solo exhibits at the Franklin County Library where – once again – artwork can be seen by persons who might not go to either galleries or museums. The last exhibit I did there ended in June 2018, Mail Art: Art Taking Another Route, where I exhibited my mail art and the works of other artists. Also, my sculpture was featured on top of the book shelves.

I make sculptural hats and design capes becoming characters such as “VENDING MACHINE WOMAN, The Mad Hatter from Winchester” which I performed at the Orr Museum in Biloxi, Mississippi in 2017. In September 2015, I conceived and organized BRANANZA during a Winchester Wriggle. I exhibited mixed media sculpture at The Wishing Well antique shop and coordinated women wearing decorated brassieres out and about distributing brochures on the square to raise awareness for breast cancer.