Volunteer at Cowan Community School

There are many volunteer opportunities at Cowan Community School, and we’re always grateful for whatever time & skills our volunteers can offer.

We’re actively looking for volunteers with the following skillsets:

  • Teaching skills to help people acquire the knowledge & skills they want
  • Creative skills like painting, graphic design, stage set creation, and decoration
  • Technology skills like web development, programming and computer repair
  • Technical skills like sound engineering and stage lighting
  • Maintenance skills like cleaning, remodeling, and electrical wiring
  • Organizational skills like event planning, filing systems, class planning, and theater production planning
  • Fundraising skills like grant research and writing, and donor research and solicitation
  • Publicity skills like writing press releases, informational brochures, and newsletters
  • Interpersonal & communication skills to help us interact effectively with the people we serve
  • Social media skills to help us get the work out about our programs through social media
  • Research and brainstorming skills to help us build new programs and make our current programs better

Of course, if you have skills that aren’t on the list but you’d like to help, just get in touch! We know we haven’t thought of everything and we’d love to work with you.

Volunteer Inquiry Form

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