Share what you love!

The Training Center is actively recruiting leaders and teachers for new classes, workshops, and activities on just about any topic. All you need is the desire to share your knowledge with others.

And it couldn’t be easier! You set your own registration fees, and 25% of those fees will cover the facility use. It’s a win-win situation — no money out of pocket for you; no expensive rent to pay; and you set your own schedule.

If you want to offer a free community activity, we’ll be happy to make an effort to accommodate scheduling and space. Please be aware that we are likely to ask for a nominal fee to cover a portion of our facility expenses even for free activities; we have to pay for utilities and insurance, like everyone else.

Fill out the form below to get started. Or you can call us at 931-313-1623 or at 931-962-2356 to see about teaching a workshop or series of classes on your own special topic, or review the New Teacher Packet.

Offer an activity at Cowan Community School

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We require at least 5 participants for all offerings.

The maximum capacity of any of our facilities is 180 participants.