Prisoner of Passion featuring acclaimed British actor David Payne

David Payne as the apostle Paul in The Prisoner of PassionDavid Payne returns to Cowan for a live, one-man performance in The Prisoner of Passion. This play has toured throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The Prisoner of Passion is a one night only opportunity not to be missed. Tickets are only $10, and are available at the Cowan Cafe or Sernicola’s in Cowan, or at the Winchester Antique Mall.

The apostle Paul is under house arrest in Rome and is on his own except for a Roman Soldier guard. The guard is new and, when he is not in Paul’s room, insists on locking the door. Luke arrives to see Paul but the guard has gone next door to see a friend who is guarding another detainee. Despite the locked door, the two friends are able to talk to one another. Both find great encouragement as Paul reflects on many of the things he has written to the churches. Even though the apostle faces a very uncertain future, Luke (offstage) finds Paul in good spirits and quick to rejoice in the events of the past and his hope of the future. Using dialog taken almost entirely from the New Testament, the Bible takes on a new, thrilling dynamic as this drama unfolds.

Set in Rome where the Apostle is under house arrest, Paul reflects on his past ministry to the churches and, despite Nero’s threats, his unwavering hope of the glorious future that awaits him. With dialog taken almost entirely from the New Testament, the Bible not only comes alive but is revealed as a book of remarkable poetic quality.

The Background of The Prisoner of Passion

Six years ago David Payne was commissioned to record the audio version of The Holman Christian Standard Bible. He mostly withdrew from his drama performances so that he could concentrate on this demanding project. It took him just over a year to record and when the new translation was launched he was then commissioned to write a play as part of the launch program. He decided on Paul the Apostle, and chose the time when he was under house arrest in Rome. The overriding concept in his mind was “What would it be like if Paul was with a believer and was reflecting on many of the things he had written to the churches?” The intimacy of the concept intrigued him and thus Prisoner of Passion was born. Originally the play’s lifespan was only expected to last during the launch period but such was its powerful impact on Christians, David quickly realized it had to become part of his ongoing repertoire. Now it has become one of his most requested presentations. And the reason is simple. It is drawn almost entirely from scripture. As such it inspires, encourages, thrills and leads many into an incredible sense of worship and joy. The play has two versions: a two-person version and a one-person version. A preview (two-person version) can be seen on David’s website:


Cowan Center for the Arts Theater
301 Montgomery St., Cowan, TN, 37318

Date(s) - 11/05/2011
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm