Free Sewanee Summer Music Festival Concert in Honor of Miss Elizabeth Haynes

The Sewanee Summer Music Festival will be performing a number of pieces to honor the memory of Miss Elizabeth Haynes as a part of its musical community outreach program. The festival students will showcase a number of chamber pieces and entertain local audiences. Admission is free.

Miss Elizabeth Haynes, a lifelong Decherd resident, was known to many as “Franklin County’s First Lady of Music” and as a benefactor to the Sewanee Summer Music Festival. She attended Ward Belmont College and Vanderbilt University before moving to New York City to study at the Julliard music conservatory. Returning home, Miss Elizabeth taught music to hundreds of Franklin County students over a span of four decades. After retiring from music instruction in 1991, Miss Elizabeth came to St. Agnes’ and played the organ for almost a decade.

Cowan Center for the Arts Theater
301 Montgomery St., Cowan, TN, 37318

Date(s) - 07/13/2016
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm