Blues master & music historian Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen sitting with a guitar against a blue sky with clouds

Sometime assistant to the Rev. Gary Davis, Andy Cohen is a renowned blues master and music historian, playing the blues as they were originally played. Married to dulcimer legend Larkin Bryant, Cohen has dedicated his life to the preservation of blues music history, and educating audiences about one of America’s own musical genres. Cohen is also one of the world’s only players of the dolceola, which combines chromatic keys like a piano with chorded keys similar to an accordion.

Advance tickets are $8.00, and available at Cowan Cafe and Sernicola’s in Cowan. $10 at the door.

Andy says:

What I do mostly any more is a sort of Country Blues 101. It’s broader than that, of course, covering material from before the twenties to about the fifties, and ranging over the several states to which Memphis is adjacent. I grew up during the Sixties Revival in Massachusetts, but I’m a Southern boy at heart. I made a point of acquainting myself with all the blues players I could, on record and in person. In my shows, I do material by Rev. Davis, John Hurt, Big Bill, Gus Cannon, Frank Stokes, Memphis Minnie, Bukka White, Barbecue Bob, Charlie Patton, Ted Bogan, Henry Spaulding, or any of a hundred other blues people.

The Dolceola

Andy Cohen playing the dolceolaA major purveyor of what historians call the “Social” Gospel (think of Dr. King) was Washington Phillips. He made 78’s back in the twenties, playing on a pair of zitherform contraptions called Celestephones. I play his music and a good deal more on a Schroeder-sized grand piano called a Dolceola, made in 1905. Carry it everywhere with me, wouldn’t leave home without it.

Cowan Center for the Arts Theater
301 Montgomery St., Cowan, TN, 37318

Date(s) - 05/13/2011
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm